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What is the "Live Life" Scholarship?

Mike is a Serrano High School graduate (class of 2002) who died at age 23 of injuries sustained in an avalanche at Mountain High ski resort in January 2008.

During his short time, Mike “lived life” to the fullest. This Scholarship aims to recognize Serrano High School graduates who share Mike’s attitude towards “living life”.

Candidates may not necessarily be the “best” at any one thing, but must demonstrate that they tried new things and had participated in several activities or organizations during their high school career. Activities that demonstrate initiative and that positively impact society will carry more weight in the assessment process. For example, a good student who played multiple sports in high school may not be as highly ranked, as a good student who played a sport, but also worked at a part-time job and participated in other activities or organizations.


Graduating Serrano High School Senior who will attend a four-year college or university. Minimum 3.0 GPA (with College Prep coursework through Fall semester of Senior Year.)

Award Value:

The total value of this scholarship is assessed at $1500. $500 will be initially awarded, with an additional three $250 incremental dipersements granted at the start of the candidate’s sophomore, junior and senior years, for an initial total of $1250. Student must maintain a 2.7 GPA (cumulative total) as determined at the start of each year and demonstrate steady progress towards a Bachelors degree. Verification of student’s continuing academic status and GPA may be required by a school official before additional allotments are awarded.

In addition, if the candidate successfully completes licensure as an Emergency Medical Technician by the time they graduate from college, an additional $250 will be awarded, for a total potential scholarship award of $1500.


Application package is due back to the Serrano High School Counseling office by April first (or earlier as established by the Counseling group.) Check with the office for current year schedule.

Initial award distributed to school Bursar with follow-on awards presented in Fall semester of each year. Availability of funds expires in five years from date of initial dispersement. Funds are progressively awarded each year based on candidate’s continuing progress towards a Bachelor’s degree.






In Mike’s memory, this award will encourage students to advance in their careers using the skills they learned as an EMT as a basis to better themselves in whatever path they choose in life. EMTs are taught to quickly asses conditions, make timely and accurate decisions and then use their specialized training either individually, or as a team, to render aid. This skill set is a valuable tool and that can be used as a common approach to tackle any issue in life. People who complete EMT training are better because of it. In turn, our community is better and our society is safer because of people who choose to be EMTs. This award encourages EMTS to be better.

CRITERIA - Successful completion of the VVC EMT certification course.

AWARDS - This award will fund the licensing exam fee for successful candidates. Recipients will be awarded an amount equal to the cost of the licensing exam at the nearest testing facility for their first attempt provided it is taken within 3 months of completing their course at Victor Valley College. Two awards will be provided for each of four EMT certification courses offered annually at Victor Valley College for a total of eight recipients per year. Currently this includes classes completing in February, June, July and December. Award value is cost determined by the state of California (and typically is valued at $75/each.)

SELECTION - Candidates will be evaluated by the course instructors. Instructors will use students’ performance and goals as standards for selection. No application will be required.





CRITERIA - Successful completion of your "Rookie" year as a Solana Beach Lifeguard. 

AWARDS - Award value is typically valued at $500.

SELECTION - Candidates will be evaluated by the Management staff of the Solana Beach Marine Safety Deparment. Staff will use candidate's performance and goals as standards for selection. No application will be required. Depending on the determination of the staff, there may not be a "ROY", and so a scholarship may not be awarded.






CRITERIA - None. This scholarship is awarded on an 'ad hoc' basis as determined by the Mike McKay Memorial Foundation. 

AWARDS - Award value is typically valued at up to $1000.

SELECTION - The Foundation will use candidate's performance, goals and life history as standards for selection. No application is required.




These scholarships are awarded based on information provided from the Southern California Region of the National Ski Patrol. This Region is composed of Southern California member board patrols including those from Big Bear, Mount Baldy, Mountain High and Mammoth.


The Mike McKay Memorial Foundation also supports the NSP to promote winter safety as a founding sponsor of the SoCal Snow Avalanche Center  (see www.socalsnow.org.) 


The Student Patroller of the Year is based on merit as decided by the SoCal NSP staff. The Advanced Avalanche Trainer and the International Snow Science Workshop award winners are selected (and awarded) based on the recommendation of the NSP Avalache Training Program Director.

AWARDS - The NSP Awards are valued at $300-500.


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